Lipsticks Your Favorite Beauty Gurus Are Obsessed With

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Don’t you just hate when a beauty blogger shows off the perfect shade of lipstick on Instagram and doesn’t tag the brand?! It almost makes you want to start a beauty influencer feud of your own when they don't reveal that perfect matte lipstick they used in their latest video. After all, how are you supposed to recreate your favorite influencer's look without knowing what fabulous shades they are using on their lips?

With this list, you never have to wonder, What lipsticks do beauty influencers wear? again. Here are all the lipsticks your favorite beauty gurus love, from nudes to reds, glosses to matte finishes, and luxury brands to drugstore faves. 

Scroll through to get the scoop on lipsticks beauty influencers love (and be sure to scoop them up for yourself).