These Amazing Women Refused To Let Their Vitiligo Hold Them Back

Vitiligo, a condition where lack of pigmentation causes white spots on a person's skin, affects nearly 50 million people worldwide; thankfully, vitiligo spokeswomen like the ones below are helping to raise awareness for and celebrate their conditions. By embracing their own unique complexions, these women act as role models for people with vitiligo everywhere. Makeup artists with vitiligo never let their condition get in the way of their work. If anything, these beauty gurus with vitiligo use their complexions as a canvas, featuring and transforming their spots into something completely novel. When it comes to vitiligo makeup, all sorts of exciting and innovative techniques exist.

As celebrities with vitiligo give the condition visibility in the media, makeup artists with vitiligo bring the condition into the fashion and cosmetics industry. Now, with these lovely ladies stunting on everyone with their own particular form of beauty, hopefully makeup for vitiligo will become something more for enhancing instead of hiding a person's complexion.

  • Lauren Elyse


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    Chicago-based make-up artist Lauren Elyse embraced her vitiligo by using it to show off her killer make-up skills. Growing up, the condition only affected Elyse’s knees. But when Elyse entered her 20s, her vitiligo began to spread to her eyes as well, a change she told Refinery29 presented her with new challenges.

    "At first, it was really hard for me to get used to it because I wasn't in a confident place," Elyse says. "I thought the spots on my face would take away from my looks, but now I think it adds to it."

    One look at Elyse’s Instagram feed confirms her statement; her eyes especially look enhanced rather than inhibited by her vitiligo. Best of all, Elyse’s beauty allows her to act as a role model for other women with the same condition. "I didn't have anybody to look up to when I was a kid," Elyse explains. "And I love being a source of inspiration for people."

  • Ashley Solo


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    When Ashley Soto grew up in Orlando, FL, she found herself ashamed of the different skin tones her vitiligo produced. As she admits in an interview with the Daily Mail, she even began wearing long sleeves and pants every day after a girl at the beach once asked her if she “showered with bleach.” However, at 21 years old, Soto now features her unique beauty by turning her body into amazing works of art.

    By tracing her different skin tones with markers, Soto creates a remarkably unique type of cosmetic art, and sometimes uses body paints to beautiful effect. "I never realized how beautiful my vitiligo was until I traced it with a black marker, it really helps to bring out the different colors of my skin," she tells the Daily Mail. "I was always trying to find a way to look at my skin in a positive light, I couldn't do that before starting this. Now what others would perceive as an imperfection I have made into something more beautiful and made it more accepted than before."

  • Winnie Harlow


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    Winnie Harlow launched her career as an international fashion model after appearing on America’s Next Top Model. Though she only placed sixth in the competition, Harlow nonetheless has taken the fashion industry by storm. In addition to appearing on catwalks from London to New York, she uses her Instagram feed as a platform to bring awareness to vitiligo and encourage women of all shapes, sizes, and shades to embrace their own unique of beauty. In one post, Harlow shows off her body in a thong, explaining, "The real difference isn't my skin. It's the fact that I don't find my beauty in the opinions of others. I'm beautiful because I know it. Celebrate Your unique beauty today (& everyday)!"

    Even at a festival dedicated to the visuals of cinema, Harlow manages to outshine everything else with her own mesmerizing beauty.

  • Cheri Lindsay

    Though Cheri Lindsay may not be a household name, the volleyball coach made a bold choice to share her story with the world via Dermablend’s “Camo Confessions” campaign. As Lindsay admits in a video where she wipes her face clean of make-up, “It’s not that easy to deal with.” However, she makes it quite clear that she refuses to let vitiligo affect her happiness or confidence. “When I first got vitiligo, I had to ask myself a couple of questions,” she says. “Does it hurt? No. Is it contagious? Not at all. And can I still live with this and be successful? Hell yes.”

    “Don’t hide,” she advises anyone watching, “There’s something wrong with everybody. Nobody’s 100 percent perfect.” But as Lindsay's own beauty, success, and self-esteem show, she's pretty damn close.

  • Amy Deanna


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    Amy Deanna is a Texas-based model who was diagnosed with vitiligo about five years ago. Though she admits to YouTube that living with the condition isn't always easy, the most make-up she ever wears consists of basics such as mascara, lip gloss, and eyeliner.

    She goes on to comment "most of the videos I've seen on YouTube, or any videos for that matter are ... how to cover your flaws, how to hide it, how to make other people more comfortable being around you, even though you're the one dealing with vitiligo, being a burn victim, dealing with psoriasis.” As Deanna correctly points out, the ones uncomfortable are the ones who must live with these conditions, something she admits is not easy. Even still, Deanna makes it a point to tell her audience, regardless of how you sometimes might feel about your complexion, “You are wonderful, you are beautiful, you are amazing just the way you are.” Amen to that!

  • Eva Khyne-Sam


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    Make-up artist Eva Khyne-Sam, diagnosed with vitiligo six years ago, found sharing images of her make-up free face on Instagram made for a useful tool in helping raise awareness along with helping her accept her condition for herself. These days Khyne-Sam inspires others with similar skin conditions by sharing images of her gorgeous, natural look on social media, along with how-to videos for those wondering how to cover various skin conditions with make-up. Her portrait was also recently featured in “Portrait of Britain,” a series of billboard ads featuring 100 different portraits in order to help celebrate the unique diversity of the UK. By showing herself with and without her vitiligo, Khyne-Sam demonstrates how women can embrace both sides of beauty and still be themselves.