culture 40 Beauty Hacks That Will Probably Change Your Life  

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These beauty tips and tricks are perfect for well, anyone trying to get the most out of their makeup. Check out our nail, lip, and hair beauty hacks that have the most ingenious methods to getting the job done. Some of them will save you money, others will help you get the look you want on the go. It's the ultimate list to help you through this whole beauty thing.

Check out the DIY tutorials and how-to videos to help you go from, "I kinda know how to do my makeup" to "Yeah I do my makeup like a boss." Try these tips out for yourself and see if they get you glammed up for good. These aren't your grandmother's tricks, that's for sure.
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Dried Up Mascara Solution

A mug of boiling water should do the trick. Just let the tube sit for 5 minutes for clump-free and smooth lashes. 

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Where to Apply Perfume

Make your scent last longer throughout the day.
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DIY Gel Liner

It's that simple!

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Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

Coconut Oil is great for so many things. It's hydrating for your skin and hair but if you use it as a makeup remover it will dissolve your makeup gently. 
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