40 Beauty Hacks That Will Probably Change Your Life

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These beauty tips and tricks are perfect for well, anyone trying to get the most out of their makeup. Check out our nail, lip, and hair beauty hacks that have the most ingenious methods to getting the job done. Some of them will save you money, others will help you get the look you want on the go. It's the ultimate list to help you through this whole beauty thing.

Check out the DIY tutorials and how-to videos to help you go from, "I kinda know how to do my makeup" to "Yeah I do my makeup like a boss." Try these tips out for yourself and see if they get you glammed up for good. These aren't your grandmother's tricks, that's for sure.

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    Dark Circle Concealer


    Apply concealer in a triangular shape not a dot formation. This way you get more lift for your undereyes than bags. somakemeupbeforeyougogo.blogspot.com
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    Shaving Cream Conditioner


    A lot of gals have caught onto this trick already but using conditioner as shaving cream works surprisingly well. The thick coating of the conditioner leaves skin smooth and hydrated.
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    Wiggle Your Mascara Brush


    Wiggle the brush at the root of your lashes to use it as a liner for your inner top lid. The thicker the brush the better.
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    Where to Apply Perfume


    Make your scent last longer throughout the day. blog.freepeople.com
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    Brighter Eyes


    Shimmer eyeshadow should be in every girl's arsenal. buzzfeed.com
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    Reuse Expensive Mascara Brush


    It's all in the brush, ladies! Those expensive mascaras you buy are worth the tool not the formula. Just clean it and use it with drugstore mascara similar effects.thestyleandbeautydoctor.com
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