This Beauty Influencer Makes Over $19,000 Per Instagram Post And Here's How She Does It

The Instagram Rich List ranks the celebrities and influencers who are profiting off of their Instagram posts the most. While the Kardashians are obviously making big bucks, there are some makeup influencers who are making bank as well. The highest paid Instagram beauty influencer? Huda Kattan.

If you consider yourself a makeup junkie, you’re probably familiar with beauty influencer Huda Kattan. She’s got a mega-popular Instagram account (with about 25 million followers) as well as her own cosmetics line, Huda Beauty, which is famous for its amazing false lashes.

So how did Kattan parlay a popular Instagram feed into a certified beauty empire, earning close to $20,000 for a single IG post? Read on to find out.

  • Huda Kattan Had A Pretty Normal Upbringing


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    Kattan was born in Oklahoma in 1983 - a true Southern Belle! When she was two, her family packed up and moved to Tennessee, and then Boston, MA. She has three siblings including a younger sister named Mona, an older sister named Alya, and a brother named Khalid.

    Growing up, Huda thought her first name was weird, so she went by "Heidi" for a few years until she realized her unique name had a cool factor. When she was 16, Huda Kattan met her now-husband. The couple lives in Dubai with their daughter.

  • Her Empire Got Its Start Because Of A Gap In The Fake Eyelash Market


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    Huda Beauty's Lashes are known as the best in the business - but Kattan never set out to create an in-demand product. She simply wanted to find fake lashes that actually looked dramatic but natural. Since she couldn't find anything that fit the bill, she made her own!

  • Kattan's Older Sister Taught Her About Makeup - And Invested In Her Business


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    Huda Kattan first became interested in makeup - and lashes, in particular - when she was nine years old. She credits her sister, Alya, with introducing her to her passion for beauty. “She would create these insane lashes,” Kattan says. “She spent so much time putting on the mascara, separating the lashes. Watching her - it was like an art.” 

    Besides teaching Huda about makeup, Alya was her sister's first investor. She gave Huda a $6,500 loan to create a line of lashes for Sephora Dubai - which the beauty entrepreneur can now pay back in a single Instagram post.

  • Now Huda Kattan Has Her Own Successful Beauty Line, Huda Beauty


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    Kattan may have gotten her start with lashes, but after those took off, she expanded the offerings of Huda Beauty. Today, the beauty brand sells everything from lashes (which the Kardashian sisters are big fans of, by the way) to eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, highlighters, and fake nails. Huda Beauty has even collaborated with Tweezerman on a signature line of tweezers. 

  • Her Weird Makeup Hacks Helped Catapult Her To The Top


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    Kattan isn't your typical picture-perfect Instagram star. She's not afraid to be silly and share strange makeup hacks with her fans. Anything in the name of beauty! Some of her strangest? The time she used a fork as a nose contour guide; the time she used dental floss to extract her black heads; and, of course, the time she used both lube and Vagisil as face primers. Seriously!

  • She Has A Philanthropical Side, Too


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    When Kattan started her own business, she did so single-handedly (she even hand-packaged the falsies herself) with a small investment. Now, she wants to use her money and influence to invest in other young beauty entrepreneurs. She recently started the $10 million dollar fund Huda Beauty Angels in partnership with TSG Consumer Partners, a private equity firm.

    She says, "I am also grateful that this new partnership enables me to start something I am excited about - the creation of HB Investments, a fund that will facilitate new beauty and wellness businesses. We will lend seed money, mentoring, and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, because we know that, without a plan, money does not guarantee a successful business."