Common Mistakes You're Probably Making in Your Beauty Routine

At its best, makeup highlights all your best assets, but when applied in the wrong way, it can be a detriment to your otherwise pretty face. Even a simple makeup routine can be fraught with mistakes you didn't even know you were making. Rain got your hair in a frizz? Accidentally go tweezer-happy on those brows? Fear not, these tips will help you put your best face forward, and utilize your favorite lipstick brands and eyeshadow products to their full potential. If you're looking for the best beauty advice, look no further. From how to get rid of deodorant marks on your clothes to neutralizing a pungent perfume, no matter what tiny makeup mistake you've made, there's a makeup tip here to get out of the tight spot. In order to stop those common beauty blunders everyone's occasionally guilty of making, here are some of the top makeup and beauty mistakes and how to fix them.

Everyone makes a makeup mistake at some point, but most are easily fixed using one of these tricks. Looking for more makeup advice? Check out these beauty hacks for more great ideas.

  • Mistake: Creasing Concealer

    Mistake: Creasing Concealer
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    Wash your hands, and then use your ring finger to smooth out any concealer that has begun to crease. Prevent the concealer from creasing by setting it with a small amount of pressed powder. For best results, use a small brush or sponge, making sure to blend the powder from where the eye and nose meet, softening out to the temple where any crow's-feet lines may reach; you want to avoid putting excess powder on wrinkles.
  • Mistake: Too Much Exfoliating

    Mistake: Too Much Exfoliating
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    If you scrub too much, first try treating the area with a gentle moisturizer or some Vaseline. If you don't experience relief within a couple of days, switch to an over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream to calm inflammation and redness.
  • Mistake: Your Face Is Oily and Shiny

    Mistake: Your Face Is Oily and Shiny
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    If your face tends to get oily after a few hours out and about, blot (never wipe) your face with some oil absorbing sheets. If it's an oil emergency and you don't have any, a piece of toilet paper or paper toilet seat cover will work just as well.
  • Mistake: Too Much Foundation

    Mistake: Too Much Foundation
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    Dampen a makeup sponge or brush and use it to blend out and dilute the heavy handed foundation.
  • Mistake: Over Conditioning Your Hair

    Mistake: Over Conditioning Your Hair
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    If you don't have time to rewash your hair, tap some baby powder or better yet, some dry conditioner at your roots. And for next time, try to only condition from your ears down.
  • Mistake: Too Much Blush

    Mistake: Too Much Blush
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    Blend with a clean brush or sponge, then sweep some translucent face powder over your cheeks. A good rule of thumb: if you can see the edges of your color, you're not blending enough!