WATCH The Miss USA Pageant Had Its First Contestant With Down Syndrome And She Will Make Your Heart Swell  

Rebecca High

If you've never been introduced to Mikayla Holmgren, you need to watch this video. The 22-year-old is the first woman with Down Syndrome in a Miss USA pageant, specifically competing for the title of Miss Minnesota.

While she didn't win the pageant overall when she competed in 2017, she did take home the Spirit of Miss USA award as well as the director's award. 

Holmgren has danced and done gymnastics since she was six years old, even competing in the Special Olympics as a gymnast. "I feel really happy; I'm glad I'm here," she said of being at the Miss Minnesota pageant.

Holgrem hopes to use her platform to spread the message that beauty starts within; this video starts it off on the right foot and will have you welling up a bit as you see her cross the stage.