The Biggest Beauty Pageant Scandals to Ever Surface

Swimsuits, singing, dumb questions, and smiling have always been part of the beauty pageant. But what about guns, drugs, lawsuits, secret pregnancies, lies and international incidents? Beauty pageant scandals have all of these and more going for them, taking beautiful and poised young women, giving them fame and money and seeing what happens. Many pageant queens and winners end up stripped of their crowns, and more than one of these scandalous pageant contestants has duked it out with the man behind the crown (at least one of them), Donald Trump.

So what's it take to rise to the level of true beauty pageant scandal infamy? Sometimes what happens is really bad. From contestants lying about having children to smuggling machine guns to pissing off various groups of the population, these pageant queens have done it all. In the world of beauty contests, nude pictures seem to surface from time to time too. While naked and topless photos might not seem like the most scandalous offense, they still have led to competition winners being stripped off their crown. Some of these beauty queens came out okay, some didn't. But all of these scandals are fascinating regardless. 

Which pageant scandals from throughout Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss America history do you remember? Which of these crazy pageant queen stories do you think are most scandalous? Vote up the most scandalous pageants below and think twice next time you see a pretty girl in a pageant sash - she might have all kinds of skeletons in her closet.