Weird And Terrifying Beauty Gadgets That Claim They'll Transform Your Face Without Plastic Surgery

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If you've ever looked into beauty products to avoid plastic surgery, then the odds are that you've already come across some of the strange and fascinating sh*t floating around the Internet. Here you'll find a list of some of the more terrifyingly weird beauty gadgets currently available for purchase from all over the globe. While some look like little more than lawsuits waiting to happen, others might just be crazy enough to tempt someone into an adventurous late night buy.

Be forewarned, however, that extreme caution is recommended in the event that you should actually attempt to purchase and use these strange anti-aging beauty products. While many appear harmless, others look like something you should ask a doctor about before strapping on and giving a test drive.

All in all, there's no better way to a radiant face and body than healthy life choices, but if you should chose to seek out an alternative route, then please arm yourself with a healthy dose of common sense while doing so. That said, feast your eyes on some of the wild stuff floating around out there on the underside of the beauty market.

  • The Face Slimming Facial Massager
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    The Face Slimming Facial Massager

    This little facial massager comes with a lot of promises, ranging from slimming down your face to improving circulation. As for the reviews, this one doesn't appear to be a terrible buy. Most customers appeared to like it, though many of them admitted that their enthusiasm was a direct result of the fact that their cats really dug it. Though it may or may not live up to its extravagant claims, some people said they did notice a small change in facial shape and most said that it just felt really nice.

    Price: $5.89

    Buy It For Your Cat Here

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  • The Face Slimmer
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    The Face Slimmer

    Though this bad boy looks like something out of a porno gone horribly wrong, it's actually called the Bigan Beauty Face Expander and claims to keep your skin youthful. The creators advise placing it your mouth for three minutes a day and reciting vowel sounds, which is supposed to work your facial muscles and give them a sort of daily face lift. 

    As for the reviews, they range from those who claim it's useless to those who claim they really feel the difference. There's also of course the crowd who verify it's actually a pretty killer sex toy (of course someone was gonna try it) and/or a hilarious gag gift.

    Price: $1.49

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  • The Lip Plumper
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    The Lip Plumper

    Want plumper, fuller lips? Some suggest utilizing the power of this plumper which claims to fluff up your lips by suctioning over them for two minutes. When it comes to the reviews, this one seems to come with pros and cons. On the upside, it actually does appear to work, but on the other hand, however, your newly plumped lips will eventually deflate after about an hour or two at the most. Also utilize caution if you chose to go on this particular lip plumping adventure - some customers warned that it occasionally left a bruise atop their lips.

    Price: $17.99

    Get Your Plump On Here

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  • The Anti Wrinkle Cheek Slimming Mask
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    The Anti Wrinkle Cheek Slimming Mask

    Want to slim down your face and look like a Batman villain at the same time? Then the Kolight Anti Wrinkle Half Face Slimming Cheek Mask might be for you. The mask is supposed to work due to the fact that it utilizes organic germanium fudge, which is said to purify the blood, enhance the metabolism, and *some* say even reverse cancer cell growth. It also claims to offer you a sort of natural facelift if you wear it for 30-50 minutes on a regular basis by clearing facial veins, enhancing elasticity, and rebuilding collagen in the skin.

    As far as reviews go, they cover a range of opinions. Some say it's awesome and has made a visible difference, others say they saw none at all and complain that the smell is something to be reckoned with.

    Price: $6.99

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  • This Vibrating Nose Lifter
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    This Vibrating Nose Lifter

    Oh boy. This arch villain-esque device claims to give you a more beautiful nose without plastic surgery by "raising" the bridge of your nose. This it claims to do by vibrating along and thus "stimulating" the nasal bone. Does it actually work? Customers and doctors unanimously agree: no. No, it does not. But due to the hilarious nature of its appearance it was impossible to resist including it.

    Price: $29.90

    (Don't) Buy It Here

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  • This Facelift Mask
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    This Facelift Mask

    The next time you'd like to improve facial circulation, reduce wrinkles, and tighten your skin - all while robbing a bank - then hit up the full face sauna slimming mask. This terrifying looking facial wrap utilizes the same material that scuba divers use to maintain body temperature and claims to have sauna-like effects that leave you with a younger looking face. 

    The reviews on this one seem to be a little underwhelmed however, with some claiming that the product doesn't fit as described. Others claimed to see a difference, however, and one lady said it made a great addition to her neck workout.

    Price: $35.99

    Approach It With Caution Here

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