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List Rules Wedding Photography Melbourne

Wedding photography may not be easy it may require lots of planning and plenty of hours of hard work in editing photos to make it a perfect wedding photography Melbourne.

You may not be among the Pro – Wedding Photographers Melbourne there might be lots of pitfalls while taking the great pictures but keep in mind this guide will help you to overcome those pitfalls, and take a top class photography.

The main things to think about is the arrangement.

Attending your friend’s marriage with a camera is not a solution if someone is relying on you for the main photography, it’s your duty to draw something beautiful

How much it will cost?

If you don’t know how much it will cost, then this will be you’re among the basic requirements   your travel and any accommodation to consider, plus your working time, not just on the day but for the planning, also you need a charging point as for it as well.

Style and types of shots you will take.

Before shooting a wedding event try to look after all the books of wedding photography books and websites, surf the net for various photographs and styles and try to take those pics in beautiful way and in innovative way.

Place You are going to shoot.

Do some research of the place at which you are going to shoot, also visit that place and get some photography ideas, also work with team to get better ideas and shooting plans.

Watch Out for Weather.

Also look for weather, find the undercover areas for photography shoots, and also bring some colourful umbrellas to complete the shoot,

If you are shooting inside bring studio lights and stand to brighten things.

Bring your memory Back Up

If your memory stick and memory device corrupts bring an alternative with you, also with the batteries in a regular DSLR will last up to 300 and 500 shots which are not enough so bring an auxiliary battery with you.

Plan Your Schedule!

Weather the wedding is big or small there will be some of from of schedule going on, on the basis of that plan your schedule that at which place you would be there taking photographs.

Plan a Pre Shoot

 Always Before planning plan a pre shoot, also the couple get used to the poses which you are planning will save tons of time in future.

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