Awesome Bedroom Design Ideas for Your Home

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Is your current bedroom decor putting you right to sleep? That’s not always a good thing. Your bedroom is a place to snooze, but it shouldn't be a snooze-fest. Read on to get some great ideas for how to re-do your bedroom regardless of whether you're on a tiny budget of have wads of cash to spare! We've got all of the bedroom design ideas to make your bedroom the place of your dreams!

Whether you're designing your master suite, or figuring out how to set up a small studio space, there are tons of ideas for creating the perfect place to rest your head. Or maybe you just need some ideas for how to incorporate smaller touches like adding a little color or coming up with some unique lighting ideas. From totally awesome teen bedroom ideas to grown-up master bedroom ideas, this list has a ton of great bedroom hacks for you to try in your space.

There are some great girls' and boys' bedroom ideas for kids’ rooms too! Kids hate doing their homework - we may just have solved that. We also may have found the perfect distraction for homework. (Two words: Lego wall.) These kids’ room ideas are so cool you might want to use them in your room!

Take a look at our list of bedroom design tips and let us know which bedroom decorations you'll be dreaming about, and which ones put you to sleep… but not in a good way.
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