The Best Beer Pong Team Names

If you're a beer drinker and you attend rowdy parties, you're privy to the wonderful world of drinking games, and beer pong in particular is basically the king of all the drinking games. Once you're of legal drinking age, you can even play on beer pong teams! In organized, official leagues where you'll have an official beer pong team name and you'll probably wear a brightly colored tank top so you can match your teammate and still look fly when you're stumbling around the bar.

We're going to let you in on a little secret... clever beer pong names aren't that hard to come up with. In a game that uses balls, cups, beers, and body parts, you can only imagine the sweet puns you're about to find on this list. And that's the fun of coming up with a cool beer pong team name! You can be as witty, clever, goofy, and/or dumb as you'd like. 

What do you think the best beer pong team name is? Do you have any funny beer pong team names hidden up your sleeve? Vote up the good beer pong names and leave any comments in the comments section. If you're simultaneously playing in a soccer league or on a bowling team, we hope your game nights are far enough apart to nurse a hangover, and we have additional team name ideas for you to check out.
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    2 Girls 10 Cups

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    Balls Deep

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    220 votes

    Designated Drinkers

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    224 votes

    Wet Balls

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    Just the Tip

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