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Small Details From 'Beetlejuice' That Prove He's The Ghost With The Most

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Tim Burton's Beetlejuice proved there was laughter in the hereafter in the story about an undead couple who turn to an unruly bio-exorcist to remove unwanted house guests. Along the way, there are plenty of sight gags, undead civil servants, a Danny Elfman score, scary shrimp hands, a few Harry Belafonte jams, and classic '80s Winona Ryder. Throw in Michael Keaton's tour de force performance as the "Ghost with the Most," and a simple horror comedy is transformed into a cinema classic.

Over the years, fiendish fans of the film have been sharing small details, missed moments, and Easter eggs. Here are a few favorites. 

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    Posted by Redditor u/ImNoHero:

    In Beetlejuice, the bridge in the model town has a hole in it from where Adam and Barbara crashed through the wall.

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    Pre-'Nightmare' Jack

    Posted by Redditor u/youabutch:

    In the movie Beetlejuice, when Beetlejuice is rising from the table, on top of his hat is Jack Skellington.

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    Undead Ghost Audience

    Posted by u/MrX16:

    In Beetlejuice, there is an undead ghost audience watching the movie along with you.

    Posted by u/moshpitwookie:

    Good find. An article from theportalist.com has this to say:

    During one sequence, Adam and Barbara Maitland enter the office of their afterlife caseworker Juno (Silvia Sidney), only to see her speaking to an entire team of deceased football players. If you look past Juno and through her office window, you can see several interesting things. Firstly, there appears to be a theater full of ghosts, which when watched in a traditional movie theater, creates the illusion that the real-life audience watching Beetlejuice is also being watched. Among the crowd, you can pick out a red and green skeleton who makes appearances in Burton's 1996 hit Mars Attacks!, as well as two men in very familiar suits and Ray-Ban style sunglasses. Fans of The Blues Brothers might know them as Jake and Elwood.

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    Civil Servants In The Afterlife

    Posted by Redditor u/TheRavenSG-1:

    In Beetlejuice, Otho mentions that if you commit suicide, you become a civil servant in the afterlife, which is what happened to Miss Argentina, the [clerk] in the waiting room.

    Posted by Redditor u/CapriciousSalmon:

    In Beetlejuice (1988), Otho mentions during dinner that those who commit suicide become civil servants in the Netherworld. [In the film] The receptionist, Miss Argentina, refers to her “little accident,” wishing she knew what she knew now; Juno has a slit throat.

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