13 Amazing Before-And-After Photos Of People Who Quit Drinking

Very much a sobering yet extraordinary collection, this list documents the before-and-after drinking photos of people who quit drinking. Not only will the amazing stories behind these before-and-after sobriety photos serve as motivation to quit drinking, but they'll show you what happens to your body when you're an alcoholic.

The national media already loves to focus on celebrities who quit drinking, but these are inspiring stories from everyday people via the amazing subreddit r/stopdrinking who managed to stop drinking and proved how much better they looked and felt after the fact. Here are some of their staggering transformations.


  • Two Years Sober

    Two Years Sober
    Photo: u/silverladder / Reddit

    From Redditor u/silverladder:

    I went from around 225 lbs at my heaviest to consistently between 175 and 180 now. So at one point it was a 50lb difference. And yes, I missed my chin.

  • Seven Months Sober

    Seven Months Sober
    Photo: u/ghostbackwards / Reddit

    From Redditor u/ghostbackwards:

    For clarification these photos are about seven months apart.

    I was 225 when I quit and lost 30 pounds within the first month. I have lost an additional 10 since then.

    I had an abscessed tooth which is what is causing the severe cheek action you see in the left photo. It was stuff like that which I would not take care of and hold off until the pain was unbearable.

    For anyone in a similar position just please reach out for help. It is available in some form and don't feel ashamed.

  • 300 Days Sober

    300 Days Sober
    Photo: MEATTEO / Imgur

    From Imgur user MEATTEO:

    Hopefully this helps anyone looking to quit drinking. I promise you won't regret it. Just remember one day at a time.

  • Seven Years Sober

    Seven Years Sober
    Photo: Imgur / Imgur

    From Redditor u/coolcrosby:

    I look at the first photo and try to imagine who I had become, and how I survived my bottom drinking. But I did survive all sorts of degradation and humiliation even in recovery. None worse than where alcohol had taken me. I'm so grateful to have survived to now.

  • 95 Days Sober

    95 Days Sober
    Photo: u/SoberApok / Reddit

    From Redditor u/SoberApok:

    I will say, one of my biggest reasons for getting sober was trying to improve my physical fitness. I was sick and tired of hating how I felt in my own body. I hated never wanting to do anything on my days off but drink and mope around the apartment.

  • One Year Sober: Part 1

    One Year Sober: Part 1
    Photo: u/bossbobross / Reddit

    From Redditor u/bossbobross:

    I made it to a year sober! Was traveling and didn’t have any internet on the actual day, but I finally made it through my first complete year of sobriety! A year free of lies, sneaking around, guilt, shame, loss of memory, hangovers, etc (the list could go on for ages…)