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Anabel Conner
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Our pets bring us joy and happiness every single day. They help us get through the bad days, and are happy to be there for the good. At the same time, many fantastic and kind humans have rescued dogs and changed their lives. Animal shelters and rescue centers around the world put countless volunteer hours into helping abused and homeless animals and rescues find loving homes with people who will be their best friend and guardian for the rest of their lives. These rescued dogs before and after will melt your heart and show you the power a loving human can have on a sweet pup.

There is nothing as sad as a dog that wants and needs its forever family. Shelters are not happy places for dogs and puppies waiting to be adopted. They are noisy, confusing and scary to a displaced or surrendered dog. Once these animals get out of that uncomfortable living situation, though, the happiness can shine through. What a difference a home makes. If you're looking for your next best friend and beloved family member, these before and after pictures of rescue dogs show that these animals don't take the term "rescue" lightly. Your choice to save a rescue dog will be rewarded a thousand times over. Just like people, every dog has it's own story, and it shouldn't have to end in a shelter or on the streets. No one will be able to doubt the power of a forever home after looking at these pets' smiling faces!

The most inspiring quality these photos capture is the complete shift in the demeanor of the rescued dogs before and after. The transformations that these pets experienced after they were saved show how adoption can completely change a dog's life. If you were looking for a pick-me-up, search no further: these before and after pics of rescued dogs will make your heart melt and your soul soar!

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Starved for Affection

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Photo: via Pinterest

Alex was starving, wandering the streets of New Orleans. When he was rescued, X-rays of his stomach showed that he had been eating sticks and rocks to try to stave off hunger. He gained 10 pounds in 10 days in his foster home.

Source: Life with Dogs
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You're Only as Old as You Feel...

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Photo: via Twitter
You can tell this old boy feels like a spry pup again, having found his forever home! Adopting an animal and giving a little love from your heart is a second chance at life.
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Love Heals All Wounds

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Bickell had some major injuries to his lips and mouth and had to have multiple surgeries to repair the damage. Thankfully, the best medicine is a loving home!

Source: Trio Animal Foundation
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The Happiest Girl in all the Land

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Sad little Eleanor was thrown away like garbage. A Chicago man opened his garbage can to throw away his trash to find that some jerk had shut her inside. Trio Animal Foundation stepped in and found that her body was rife with infection, dehydrated, and severely underweight. After several surgeries and a long time in recuperative care, Eleanor found the home of her dreams... a far cry from the inside of a garbage can!
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