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Actors Who Starred Together Before They Were Superheroes

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Sometimes the best way to discover a new movie is to look back at an actor you admires prior work. With so many actors playing your favorite heroes and villains sometimes when you look back you discover they've already acted in a film with another comic book actor. This is where it gets fun.

You know how in the comics there are an infinite number of alternate realities? Different earths and variable where every option is possible. The most common of them is the Ultimate or 1610 universe in Marvel where everything is skewed more modern and the Marvel Cinematic Universe generally takes its cues from there. 

We've decided to skew reality to imagine these films with our heroes in play as the actors in their roles. What better way to discover a new movie than to look back and see The Joker and Robin going to High School together? Or a crazy love triangle with Wolverine, Batman, and Black Widow? Did you know that Cap and Black Widow had met years prior and even took the SAT's together? All of this and more.

These are actors who starred together Before they were superheroes! Vote up your favorite!
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