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Behind The Scene Stories From The Recording Of The Beatles' 'Abbey Road'

Updated 14 Feb 2019 44.8k views15 items

Abbey Road is widely considered the Beatles' greatest album - and almost their last, had they not decided to finish work on Let It Be before officially calling it a day. The sessions for Abbey Road came at a turbulent time for the Beatles, whose members were not getting along as well anymore. The recording of the album was meant to be something of a back-to-basics approach for the band and producer George Martin, contrasting with their more relaxed and experimental sessions in the handful of years preceding the album's creation. 

The legacy of Abbey Road may seem overshadowed by the now-iconic album cover, but it's the recording process that made it such a legendary piece of art. And it was the beginning of the end for arguably the most influential band in history.

Let's take a look at the most interesting stories from the recording of the timeless Abbey Road. 

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