The Real Cast of the Brady Bunch Led Extremely Tragic Lives Behind The Scenes

The Brady Bunch cast won the hearts of America with their poignant family relationships, '70s style, and timeless life lessons. Has there ever been a show as wholesome, as precious, and as widely loved?

The Brady family certainly may be timeless – we've all caught the reruns on TV Land nearly 50 years after the fact – but it turns out, the real-life Bradys aren't so wholesome at all. In fact, their real lives are somewhat tragic (unless you're Peter Brady, and in that case, thank your lucky stars for VH1).

Behind the scenes of The Brady Bunch, Brady brothers and sisters found themselves embroiled in high school love triangles and addiction, the father was forced to hide his sexuality, and some struggled with alcoholism. Some of the kids reported adolescences so challenging that it's a wonder the show even lasted five seasons. Not everyone's personal lives held so much sadness, but the behind-the-scenes stories paint quite a different portrait than the wholesome happy family you remember.