15 Fights That Broke Out Behind the Scenes of Saturday Night Live

For more than 40 years, Saturday Night Live has been a breeding ground of some of America’s greatest comedy minds. But when you put that much talent in an enclosed space, you’re asking for trouble. Even the best SNL members have their bad moments. Stories of fights at SNL almost outnumber the stories of how great bits were written, or even wild drug stories – maybe that’s just a symptom of a bunch of people in the 20s and 30s staying up for days at a time with the intense pressure to produce hanging over their heads. Not all of the behind the scenes SNL fights ended with someone getting punched in their face. Some of the fights backstage at SNL were started with a joke that turned into a two decade long feud, and others spilled out onto other talk shows and exploded from there.

You would think that in an era where everyone knows everything thanks to the Internet, fights on set at Saturday Night Live wouldn’t be a thing. But it turns out that almost the opposite is true. Special guests and even cast members rant and rave to anyone who will listen about their SNL beefs, thus making everyone wish they worked on the show so they could witness some of that drams. If you don’t mind having your views changed on a few of your favorite comedic performers, feel free to keep reading for some bts SNL D-R-A-M-A.

Read about the craziest and most out of character backstage scuffles, bicker fests, and wars of words to come out of Saturday Night Live.