Behind-The-Scenes Stories That Will Make You Want To Rewatch The Goonies

"Hey, you guys!" There’s little doubt that The Goonies is one of the most beloved and best '80s movies. The 1985 family drama had the perfect blend of comedy and adventure, and a memorable cast of characters to boot. It's the type of crazy movie that seems like it would be as fun to film as it is to watch. And thanks to the Internet, there are no shortage of The Goonies behind-the-scenes stories that prove how over-the-top production was.

The "Truffle Shuffle" may have been one of the most hilarious moments in the film, but shooting the scene sparked years of guilt for one crew member in particular. Bringing the memorable Sloth to life took hours of careful prosthetic work. And whatever happened to that mysterious octopus scene? These awesome and crazy stories about The Goonies will help you appreciate this '80s classic even more.

While some aspects of the production were great, the making of The Goonies was not an easy task for director Richard Donner or the cast of mostly inexperienced young actors. Luckily, they pushed through to deliver an audience favorite. Ignore the weird stuff and bask in the nostalgia offered by this one-of-a-kind movie.