The Most Interesting Behind-The-Scenes Details From Horror Movies We Learned In 2022

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The making of a horror movie can be a joyous experience, but also just as intense as its subject matter. From the “golden era” of ‘70s and ’80s horror to 2022, these behind-the-scenes stories demonstrate the hard work and dedication required of the cast and crew to effectively scare the pants off audiences.

So peel back the curtain and take a look at how the terror gets made.

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    Father Karras Wasn’t Prepared To Be Hit In The Face With Vomit In 'The Exorcist'

    Original text from Ranker writer Sonja Ska:

    In one of the most iconic scenes in William Friedkin’s The Exorcist, possessed preteen Regan (Linda Blair) spews vomit directly into the face of Father Karras (Jason Miller). Audiences were so repulsed by the scene, it was rumored many viewers became sick themselves, with some even fainting.

    No one understood their disgust more than Miller, who wasn’t expecting a face full of green bile. Originally aimed at his chest, the tube delivering the liquid misfired, causing the vomit to hit him directly in the mouth instead. The misfire altered the scene forever, capturing Miller’s genuine shock, disgust, and anger.

    No matter how much thought went into planning effects, there was never a full guarantee that things would go off without a hitch. In Miller’s case, his reaction was so genuine, he didn’t have to do another take.

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    Oliver Robins Was Actually Attacked By The Clown On The Set Of 'Poltergeist'

    Original text from Ranker writer Alby Thompson:

    Oliver Robins (who played the middle Freeling child, Robbie) was reportedly attacked on set by a mechanical clown. In a scene in which he was supposed to be struggling with the creepy clown, it malfunctioned and choked him. Because the scene was meant to show a struggle, many members of the cast allegedly thought his reaction was acting, and it wasn't until he began to turn blue that they intervened.

    Robins survived the attack and is alive and well today. He's involved with the production of a documentary about the many deaths connected with the franchise as a means to lay the tragedies from this time of his life to rest.

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    Stephen King Really Got Into The Ending Of 'Misery'

    Original text from Ranker writer Amanda Boisen:

    Misery takes the flattery of an author’s “No. 1 fan” and dials it up to 11. By killing off a beloved character, author Paul Sheldon finds himself imprisoned, tormented, and nearly killed by crazed fan Annie Wilkes. The film adaptation is actually the only film based on a Stephen King novel that’s won an Oscar. King himself has even stated that it's in his top 10 favorite film adaptations of his own work.

    In fact, it was so gripping, King himself got riled up during a viewing. Actor James Caan, who played the tormented author, recalled:

    We had the screening in Westwood, and he was sitting in the back with Rob. He really never came to any of his movies. He didn’t like his movies. He got so into it that… when she comes in at the end, with the tray, it’s dead quiet… and you hear, “Watch out. She’s got a gun!” And it was Stephen.

    This exclamation was truly the ultimate seal of approval in Caan’s eyes.

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    The Actors In 'It' Didn’t Know What They Would See In The Fortune Cookie Scene

    Original text from Ranker writer Orrin Grey:

    When the members of the Losers' Club - or the Lucky Seven, as they're known in the IT mini-series - reassemble as adults, they share a meal at a Chinese restaurant. As they crack open their fortune cookies, they are viscerally reminded It still haunts them, as each one finds something disturbing in their fortune cookie.

    The reactions of the adult actors in this scene are real. As Tim Reid - who plays the adult Mike Hanlon - told Yahoo! Entertainment, “None of us were allowed to know what was going to happen in the fortune cookie scene.”

    Like the audience, the actors are taken by surprise by the strange things inside the fortune cookies, including a moving eye and the embryo of a baby bird.

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    A Crew Member Was Trapped Inside The ‘Jurassic Park’ T-Rex After Power Went Out On Set

    Original text from Ranker writer Sonja Ska:

    If there's one thing Alan Grant taught us, it's that surviving a Tyrannosaurus rex isn't easy. It's a lesson Alan Scott, a crew member on the set of Jurassic Park, learned firsthand after getting stuck inside the film's infamous T-rex.

    The big bad of the franchise, the T-rex is 9,000 pounds of robotics. When moviegoers consider what goes into creating a machine of that scope, it's often related to how much time and technique goes into making it believable - rarely do they think about the physical risk involved when bringing it to life.

    Personal safety was at the forefront of Scott's mind when he volunteered to don the dinosaur's skin - which he needed to do from inside the animatronic. To make matters worse, the dinosaur had to be turned on to give him access to the area that wasn't finished. When Scott talked about the risk, he said:

    If the power was shut off for some reason, the head would move from its powered-up position to its powered-down position - and all of the hydraulic cylinders and sheets of metal inside would move. So, as I was crawling inside this thing, I said to the guy on the controls, “Don't shut it down, and make sure nobody trips on this cord. I'm going to be inside, and if this thing moves, with all those hydraulics inside, I'm dead.”

    In perhaps the worst luck in history, a power outage struck while Scott was inside the T-rex. Scott was able to pull his hands and feet towards his chest, preventing him from falling prey to the hydraulics, but he was stuck for hours before his coworkers could pry him out.

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    While Filming 'Scream,' Drew Barrymore Accidentally Called 911 For Real

    Original text from Ranker writer Jodie Smith:

    Drew Barrymore worked for five days to film her 15 minutes of Scream, squeezing all of the screaming, hyperventilating, and terror into a short period of time.

    While on this tight schedule, the prop master reportedly forgot to unplug the iconic white phone before filming Barrymore's scenes, in which her character desperately tries to contact 911 to save her from Ghostface. This led to Barrymore dialing 911 on the prop phone and accidentally calling the real thing, complete with her screams of pain and fear before disconnecting when director Wes Craven cut.

    During one of the takes, police called Barrymore's phone back to check on the calls that sounded like a woman actually fighting for her life. This finally clued in the prop master, and he disconnected the phone.

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