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12 Things You Never Knew About The Making Of 'Shrek'

Updated 14 Aug 2020 181.6k views12 items

Tales from behind the scenes of Shrek reveal a lot about the animated hit. Though the movie seemingly appeared of nowhere in 2001, the filmmakers worked tirelessly to make Shrek happen. Borrowing liberally from other studios and meta-fantasies like The Princess Bride, the ogre-led, fractured fairy tale earned more than $480 million and spawned a multi-billion dollar franchise.

The superfans at Shrekfest already know all the Shrek facts behind this Mike Myers-voiced classic, but there are plenty of production stories demonstrating how "happily ever after" was never a guarantee. From battles with Disney to mud showers, the details of the drama surrounding the making of DreamWorks's millennial masterpiece are as engaging as the end result.

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