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Behind The Scenes Stories From 'Animal House' That Are Way More Insane Than The Movie

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Many a dorm room wall has sported the inescpable image of John Belushi wearing his Animal House COLLEGE sweatshirt, putting up a strong fight against the blacklight Bob Marley posters of the world. The tiny 1978 film became one of the biggest comedy movies of all time, launched more than several Hollywood careers, and basically started the raunchy teen movie genre. Animal House cast photos show an odd assortment of actors who became underdogs for whom audiences ended up rooting. The film follows the pledges and members of Delta Tau Chi house of Faber College. The frat is notorious for their partying and wild antics and when they are put on "double secret probation" by the dean, they only ramp up their borderline-insane behaviors.  

The Animal House cast partied hard both on and off screen, sharing the voices of the young baby boomer generation on movie screens for the very first time. Animal House writers like the late Ghostbusters star Harold Ramis used their own college fraternity experiences to bring the adventures of Delta house at the fictional Faber College to life. While Belushi was one of the biggest names going into production, many other of Animal House's stars like Kevin Bacon have the movie to thank for starting their careers. The stories behind Animal House include fights, drugs, and a lot of vomit.

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