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Behind-The-Scenes Stories From The Set Of The '80s 'Flash Gordon'

Updated 16 May 2019 219.5k views14 items

Flash Gordon is a ridiculously trippy, bombastic movie full of heart and over-the-top action. It's arguably one of the most inventive films ever made. As offbeat and campy as the finished product is, the most genuinely wild tales happened behind the scenes. It might seem silly - even now - to adapt a 1930s serial into a movie, but producer Dino De Laurentiis struggled for nearly a decade to bring the project to life. In that time, he went through a series of famous directors and somehow ended up with the beloved mishmash of a film.

After its 1980 releaseFlash Gordon became a cult hit and guilty pleasure movie, but it never received the recognition De Laurentiis thought it deserved - a few factors likely influenced its reception: the script didn't make much sense; the sets were built on an as-needed basis; and the producers cast the film's star following his short appearance on The Dating Game. With all of that it is most likely the best movie in the Flash Gordon franchise.

None of this may sound like the makings of a good movie, but these countless missteps and inconsistencies helped create one of the best "bad movies" ever made. Moreover, Queen provided a mesmerizing score that elevated the movie's often-cheesy material. The unlucky few who have never sat down to watch Flash Gordon are missing out.

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