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Behind-The-Scenes Stories From 'The Office' That Will Make You Want To Watch It All Over Again

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The Office is one of the greatest shows of all time. Nothing is better than the US cast of characters in The Office because nothing beats Jim and Pam. Their love is as pure as moonlight, and they're hands-down one of the best couples to ever grace a sitcom. 

Fans of The Office sure do love their Scrantonites, and what better way to deepen that love than reveling in behind-the-scenes stories? As you can imagine, from the outside, making The Office looks like it was a hoot. However, there's more to it than just blooper reels. After nine seasons, there's so much to love about this show and about the people behind it. Admittedly, the show has left many unanswered questions, which has spawned numerous fan theories about The OfficeBut if you're struggling to go on without new episodes, there are more shows like The Office out there.

But what about true stories behind the beloved sitcom? Compiled here are real tales about The Office, many of which will make you squeal (like when you saw Pam and Jim's first kiss). Check them out below and vote up the greatest stories of what went down behind the scenes in The Office. 

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    The Office Is Full Of Actual Scranton Memorabilia

    Video: YouTube

    Brian Baumgartner gave a Kevin-esque tour of The Office "set," which is closer to an actual office (the only non-functioning things are the bathrooms). He highlights a lot of stuff around the office that is from real-life Scranton, PA, such as magnets on the fridge, menus from local restaurants, and plaques from nearby universities.

    Showrunner and EP Greg Daniels wanted the set to be as authentic as possible. 

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    Which Actors Most Resemble Their Characters?

    Video: YouTube

    At a press event for The Office, the cast members were all asked who most and least resembled their characters on the show. By far, the popular answer was that Creed most resembled his character, and those who said that did so without equivocation. Unfortunately, Creed was later interviewed and said his character is the creepiest person in existence.

    "The character, I mean," he added. "I'm a nice guy." Hopefully, he didn't see the rest of the tape.

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    There Are A Lot Of Outtakes That Are Birthed From Improv

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    The actors of The Office come from a pretty wide-reaching background - stand-up, improv, The Daily Show - so it's no surprise that shooting could be a ton of fun and offered a ton of outtakes of an improvisational nature.

    "You're evil like a hobbit," says Rainn Wilson, and the entire cast breaks into laughter. Classic. 

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    John Krasinski And BJ Novak Went To High School Together

    Video: YouTube

    Weirder still, John Krasinski and BJ Novak graduated the same year at Newton South High School in Massachusetts. However, they actually knew each other long before that, as they were on the same little league team as kids.

    Novak, who now keeps a picture of their baseball days in his house, said it felt like a dream because "John from high school" is randomly on this mega-successful TV show with him.

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