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Zack Howe
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Is it really any kind of surprise that some crazy sh*t goes down at Disney World? The most common complaint of cast members is the low pay, which is a bummer, but there are plenty of more interesting facts about Disney employees's experiences. Aside from awesome stories of celebrities who have worked at Disney, tales of what happens behind the scenes are shocking and often scandalous. For example, low pay is nothing compared to being trapped in a vomit-laden Tigger suit, or getting relieved of your Goofy duty for growing a badonkadonk. That Goofy booty. Mm! 

And then there are the sex stories. So many sex stories. Not only do the cast members give each other crabs, but they catch guests doing the dirty dirty all the time. It's not remotely surprising, really, but it's fun to hear about. Compiled here are a bunch of behind-the-scenes Disneyland and Disney World stories that are sure to make you look at the magical world in a different light. Check them out below and vote up the craziest ones!

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You Might Get Eaten
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Redditor demipearl wins for most nightmarish story:

"I briefly trained for Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney World. At one point on the ride, you go over a bridge with crocodiles underneath. As I was riding with no one in the truck other than my trainer, she felt free to tell me that if anyone were to stand up and fall into the crocodile pit, I was to drive away immediately so that others wouldn't have to see the carnage or try to rescue the person.

The crocodiles are apparently fed from that bridge and anything that drops from there is food to them, and they are surprisingly fast."

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Disney Magic Doesn't Fix Human Garbage
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Reddit user broken_long_thumbkey gives a chilling account of humanity:

"My brother-in-law worked there in the student program. Two things he told me were the worst.

1) This couple were trying to ride Space Mountain and had a black duffelbag. He heard something come from the bag, so he asked them to open it. They refused. Security comes, forces them to open it. It was their 6 month old baby. ಠ_ಠ

2) I don't remember what attraction it was for, but he said a little boy from Make-a-Wish got to go to the front of every line. This one lady saw it, and b*tched so loud about how this little trash kid didn't deserve to cut in lines and a bunch of other bullsh*t. He described the look on the boy's parent's faces as nothing but nightmarish heartbreaking sh*t. ಠ_ಠ 

He told the lady to get out of line and stop being such a b*tch, explained that the kid was with Make-A-Wish. She apparently didn't care and asked for a manager. B*tches to manager. She is banned from WDW. My brother-in-law almost lost his job right there due to all of the commotion that was caused. Luckily, he didn't."

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I Can Show You The World During The Night Of Joy
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Good thing Christian kids aren't super repressed or anything... Although, THUMB5UP from Reddit may have evidence to the contrary:

"Nights Of Joy is hell on earth. The park is open to Christian youth groups and has Christian rock bands preform. During these nights, extra staff is put on and extra security because there is sex and drugs and theft happening around every corner. My managers were preparing us for it. They said if you see a bush rustle, kids ARE having sex behind it.

The bathrooms have to be checked every five minutes, and any ride that goes dark for more that three seconds will have randy teenagers whipping their junk out. Those nights... Those terrifying nights."

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Code Pooh
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Redditor elee0228 has no shortage of BTS stories, but this one takes the cake:

"I worked at Club Disney for the brief time it was open. We had codes we used on the radio headsets that were coordinated with character names. For instance, code Baloo meant there was blood that needed to be cleaned up immediately.

One day, I'm taking a stroll around the club to check on things when I spot a small boy about two years old taking a massive dump right in the middle of the play area. He sees me, starts to cry, and runs away with no clothing on the lower half of his body. I get on the radio and can't think of what to say as we hadn't discussed a code for "human feces in the play area and naked kid running around." So I just called, "I have a code Pooh situation in the play area and Piglet's on the loose."

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