Behind The Scenes Beauty Confessions From 'The Bachelor' Contestants

If you’re a fan of The Bachelor or any of its spin-off shows, you’ve probably stared at the screen every season thinking, "How do these women manage to look so perfect all the time?" Well, this list has all the answers.

The ladies on The Bachelor don’t get much help in the beauty department. Sure, they have access to professional hair and makeup artists for big moments, but getting glam is completely up to them for the majority of the time. And when you’re competing to marry the love of your life on reality television, the glam sessions are intense! One woman got breast implants right before filming started, for example.

You won't believe how juicy these Bachelor beauty confessions are, and you'll be shocked to learn why Chris Harrison takes Midol before filming. What do you think of the Bachelor contestants' beauty routines? Would you go to these extremes in the name of love?