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Being a Camp Counselor Is . . .

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All the emotions that a person experiences working as a camp counselor could fill a lake. Or a pool. A rec hall. A radio room. A baseball diamond. A cabin. A bunk bed (pretty much any facility on camp, you get the gist). Point is, when you combine dozens of young adults with hundreds of campers, there are a lot of feelings generated that stick around for quite some time. 

From pool days to field trips, from MORP to musicals, there are myriad once in a lifetime experiences that one feels working at camp, and this list of the worst and best things about working at camp will make anyone who's ever worked at summer camp reminisce about all the good (and bad) times they had during their summers away from home.

What does it mean to be a camp counselor? What's it like when camp ends? What are the best things about working at summer camp? What are the worst things about working at camp? There's no one emotion that fully encompasses what it's like to dedicate your summer to a thankless job where kids and teens routinely try your patience, but there are many different feelings that you experience and these are some of them. If you think of a feeling associated with being a camp counselor that's not on the list, make sure to add it to the best (and worst) things about being a summer camp counselor.
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    Rainy days are the worst.