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Being a Novelist Is. . .

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So you've finally decided to take a leap of faith and try writing that book that you've been thinking about writing for ages now. You're leaping for joy, and so you start to get to work! You're brainstorming and typing and typing and writing and writing, and you think that nothing could possibly go wrong. You’re going off your runners high (or rather writer’s high) and you’re really feeling good, but as anyone who has ever written a novel knows,you hit a point in your writing journey where you realize that completing a novel is no easy feat.  

Now that the initial high has worn off, you start to draw blanks on what to write next,you start doubting your talents and skills, and by the time you finish your novel you wonder if you'll actually ever get your manuscript published. But next thing you know, an agent picks up your manuscript or you decide to self-publish and your life’s dream has become a reality! And now even more work begins. You have to promote your book so that people will finally get a chance to read your precious baby, and then you find yourself yearning for the days when your biggest problem was whether you were going to make chapter three 15 or 25 pages long.


Being a novelist is a career with many loops and turns and ups and downs, but in the end it’s worth all of the bad if you get to see your story printed for all to see! 

Fellow novelists, now is the time to speak up. Go ahead and add your opinion on what it's like to be a novelist. Don't hold back. We want to hear it! Good, bad, or indifferent, write it down!

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    That idea that pops into your head at 3 AM...yeah, better write it down at 3 AM or you'll forget it.
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List Rules: Add in anything that can be said after the phrase "being a novelist is. . . "