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The Terrifying Reason Someone - Or Something - Is Chasing You In Your Nightmares

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We've all had it: that nightmare that we're being chased by an unstoppable force. We're tripping over our feet, and no matter how much we run, they're gaining on us. While this might seem like some distant memory from watching one too many horror films, it's actually one of the most common nightmares on the planet (maybe even more common than having your teeth fall out, that equally awful dream most of us can't shake).

It turns out that being a hero in your own horror movie isn't that sweet. Who really likes waking up terrified, especially if you don't remember a whole lot? Of course, a dream is just a dream. Nothing's actually hurting you while you're sleeping, but nightmare symbology tells us that chase dreams might mean something is majorly amiss in your real life.

What does it mean when someone is chasing you in your dreams? It means you're avoiding something. Whether you're avoiding a situation that's out of your control or dealing with the worst parts of your personality (we've all got 'em), being chased in a dream usually means you've got to own up and take charge of your life. Denial might feel great when you're awake, but it's not so awesome when you're about to be violently murdered by a psycho-killer the second you close your eyes.

Being chased in a dream has multiple meanings. From having PTSD to watching too many horror movies before you pass out, here's the terrifying stuff your mind is trying to tell you.

  • Dreaming About Being Chased Could Be A Manifestation Of PTSD

    About 5% of all people complain about having nightmares, but it is particularly common for people who have suffered trauma to experience them. A whopping 71 to 96% of people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have reported nightmares, and usually these nightmares revolve around the source of their trauma. For example, if you were held at gunpoint, you're much more likely to dream about being held at gunpoint. Being chased is one of the top five most common dream themes.

  • The Distance Between You And What's Chasing You Is Significant

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    The distance between you and the thing that's chasing you can give some major insight into your waking life. If your follower is gaining on you, it might mean certain problems you've been avoiding in real life are becoming too big to ignore. On the other hand, if you're taking care of a problem in your real life, you might dream that you're outsmarting or outrunning whatever is chasing you.

  • If You're Being Chased By A Human, You Might Actually Be Running From Yourself

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    When you're being chased in a dream, it's important to consider what is chasing you. If you're being chased by a human, you might actually be running from yourself. Are you avoiding feelings of anger, jealousy or fear in your waking life?

    If you know the person chasing you, you might actually be running away from a specific part of their personality that you don't like about yourself. For example, if you're being chased by your strict math teacher, perhaps you've been a little hard on yourself about schoolwork or you're putting off an assignment that has a looming deadline.

  • If You're Being Chased By An Animal, You're Probably Repressing Anger

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    Are you not the type to get angry? Maybe you should be. If your nightmares involve being chased by angry lions, dogs, tigers or maybe even a T-Rex, it could mean that you're repressing real feelings of anger in you waking life (or that you've fallen asleep watching Jurassic Park). Our subconscious has a habit of taking negative vibes and throwing them into animal form. Express your anger in healthy ways, and the T-Rex chasing you should go extinct... you know, for the second time.