Being in a Relationship Makes You Feel . . .

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Any feeling that can finish the sentence, "Being in a relationship makes me feel ___"
It's no secret that being in a relationship is tough. You have to sacrifice, give up your freedom, your attention, and precious time spent with your friends. In return, you get the benefits of being in a relationship: acceptance, love, better health, and satisfaction. Or... do you? Is being in a relationship the best-thing-ever or a major pain in your butt? Odds are that you don't always feel completely one way or the other. Hopefully the good outweighs the bad or else you wouldn't still be in that relationship, right? 
Here's your chance to vote and compare yourself to others. How does being in a relationship make you feel? We can all be uncertain at times, but if you have to ask yourself again and again if you're in a good relationship, the answer may be "no."
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  • Accepted
    320 votes


    You feel like he'd still love you even if you have chocolate ice cream on your face
  • Secure
    314 votes


    No one is playing any games here
  • Attractive
    307 votes


    It does help to hear it from them
  • Happy With Life
    269 votes

    Happy With Life

  • Feeling Happy
    185 votes

    Feeling Happy

  • Appreciated
    286 votes


    For once! Someone sees all the good deeds you do around here