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What It's Like To Be Killed By An Elephant

Elephants are majestic, fascinating, and occasionally frightening creatures. Generally they're a gentle animal but on occasion they can get violent, and they can cause serious pain on those around them, including humans. Yes, for anyone still wondering can elephants kill you, be assured they definitely can and will. But how would an elephant kill you, and why? Perhaps you're even wondering what being killed by an elephant is like. Well, wonder no more, because we have all the grisly answers.

Keep in mind being killed by an elephant is nothing like being killed by a bear or some other predator. You're not being attacked and killed for food, and you're less likely to be bitten and clawed to death. Instead, elephants are one of the few animals that can actually crush you. Even when having sex, elephants can hurt one other with their weight.

Although elephants are usually gentle giants, the idea of getting killed by one is as horrifying as it is fascinating. So if you've ever wondered what being killed by an elephant is like, read on, dear reader.