Bel Ami Movie Quotes

'Bel Ami' movie quotes include the best lines from this 2012 drama starring Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci. 'Bel Ami' is based on the French novel written by Guy de Maupassant. The film follows the life of Georges Duroy (Pattinson) as he manipulates wealthy women while rising to power in Paris in the 1890s. See your favorite movie quote from 'Bel Ami' listed here? Vote for it. And, if you have a personal favorite 'Bel Ami' film quote that isn't included on the list, by all means, add it.

'Twilight's' Robert Pattinson stars in 'Bel Ami' as the dastardly Georges Duroy. He'll do and say virtually anything to get what he wants -- and what he wants is wealth and power. Duroy is a former solder, a journalist and a scoundrel of the highest order, seducing beautiful, wealthy, well-connected women, including Madame Walter (Thomas), Madeleine Forestier (Thurman) and others. In short, Georges Duroy is the ultimate social climber. After a string of affairs, he gets what he wants: fortune and status, but is it enough to make him truly happy?

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    Most Important People

    Madeleine Forestier: ”Let's be clear: The most important people in Paris are not the men, but their wives."

    Madeleine Forestier (Uma Thurman) gives Georges Duroy a key piece of information in this quote: To get ahead, focus on the women, not their powerful husbands.
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    I’ve Never Loved You

    Georges Duroy: “You disgust me!”
    Virginie Walters: “But I love you.”
    Georges Duroy: “I don’t want your love. I’ve never loved you. Your smell, it turns my stomach, because you smell of him -- your filthy husband! I used to laugh every time I held you to think I’d sent you back to him with my sweat on your skin when all the while, it was me! I was the one getting f**ked! Me!!”

    Georges does indeed regret his affair with Virginie Walter. For one thing, she’s become far too obsessed with him. She’s fallen in love, and he’s just used her to get what he wants. When he realizes he’s gotten everything he can from her, things get really ugly.
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    Don’t Lie to Me

    Clotilde de Marelle: “Promise me something. Don’t bring your other women here.”
    Georges Duroy: “I don’t have other women.”
    Clotilde de Marelle: “All men have other women.”
    Georges Duroy: “Not me.”
    Clotilde de Marelle: “Honestly? Don’t lie to me.”

    There’s an instant attraction between Georges and Clotilde, but unfortunately for her, Georges is far too ambitious to be slowed down by something as silly as love. And yes, he’s lying.
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    You’re Beautiful

    Georges Duroy (to Virginie): “Does your husband tell you you’re beautiful?”

    Georges is a slick operator, seducing Virginie Walter (Kristin Scott Thomas), the wife of La Vie Française newspaper owner Monsieur Walter. Georges Duroy wants to get ahead at the paper (and everywhere really), so he takes Virginie to bed. It is a decision he’ll live to regret.
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    Meet My Wife

    Meet My Wife
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    Charles Forestier: "So what have you been doing all these years?"
    Georges Duroy: "I only just got out. I'm hoping for a bit of luck in Paris."
    Charles Forestier: "You couldn't have come at a better time! Paris is filthy with money -- even the whores are getting rich. Why don't come to dinner tomorrow night? Come and meet my wife..."

    Careful, Forestier, Georges might just steal your wife on his way to the top. He’ll stop at absolutely nothing to get what he wants, and he wants social standing. Badly.
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    Who Was It?

    Who Was It?
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    Madeleine Forestier (to Georges): “Who was it today? Clotilde, or Virginie? Or both?!”

    Madeleine Forestier probably regrets ever saying anything to Georges about the wives of Paris at this point, because he’s carrying on with two other women. Both, definitely both.
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