TMI Facts About Bella Thorne's Sex Life  

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Bella Thorne is one of many young stars to break away from the rigors of the Disney Channel to flaunt their sexuality in front of the camera. While many stars choose to keep their love life private, Bella Thorne sex stories are out there in the wild. Sometimes, in fact, they’re even given new life by Thorne herself. In interviews, it seems like the young star has embraced her femininity in ways that many celebrities fail to do. That means that Bella Thorne sex life material is on the front page more often than not. Thorne uses all manner of social media to show off her "assets," and rather than shy away from controversy she seems to lean in whenever there’s a question about who she’s hooking up with at the moment.

No one is asking, “Is Bella Thorne sexy?” Of course she is. That's just science. She’s dressed up like Santa’s saucy sister for goodness sake, there’s nothing sexier than that. Instead of simply being a hot actress that tantalizes her followers on social media, Thorne seems to want to genuinely engage with the world.

When there were Bella Thorne sexuality rumors floating around, the actress came right out and admitted that she was bisexual, and while there have been an untold amount of Bella Thorne boyfriend and girlfriend woes in the media, that hasn’t stopped her from getting out there and having a good time. Keep reading to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Bella Thorne’s sex life.

She Hooked Up With Scott Disick In Cannes

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While hitting up the Cannes Film Festival, Thorne hooked up with bad boy Scott Disick - and the paparazzi were not far behind. The snapped pics of the couple making out, and even a NSFW boob grab. But the romance was short lived. Almost as soon as it happened, Thorne said the two were no more. They were "together" for a few short days. 

Thorne Doesn't Care About Showin' Off Her Butt

There are plenty of demure starlets out there who would rather you not look at their butts in the gossip rags, thanks, but Thorne is not one of them. Although instead of checking out TMZ, she'd prefer you just subscribe to her Snapchat where she routinely shares videos and pictures of her scantily clad bod.

A few days after Valentine's Day in 2017 she posted a pic that essentially showed the world exactly what her butt looked like - just in case you were wondering. Hint: you were. 

Like Any Healthy Young Person, She's Dating Around

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Bella Thorne isn't even old enough to drink, so stop trying to make her get settled down! Even though she's been in relationships with both Charlie Puth and Gregg Sulkin - two fine young gentlemen - that doesn't mean that Thorne wants someone to put a ring on it. Just after she was linked romantically to YouTuber Sam Pepper, she was seen out on Valentine's Day with some other hunk in Los Angeles. Get it, girl. 

She Doesn't Need Your Heteronormative Values

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Why must you constantly try to put Bella Thorne in a box, society? She's a young woman who wants to get down with whomever she wants to get down with. Doesn't matter if it's a guy or a girl, it's all about the love.

In 2016, she came out as bisexual with a Snapchat post that revealed her kissing a young woman on the mouth. When someone asked her if she was bisexual on Twitter, her simple was response was "Yes." How elegant.