Fans Are Sharing Obscure 'Harry Potter' Lore About Bellatrix Lestrange

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Bellatrix has always been Voldemort's most loyal Death Eater - and she has quite the backstory to her. From her bleak upbringing to connections between her and Ginny, these are the most interesting lore details about Bellatrix Lestrange.

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    Azkaban Only Magnified Bellatrix's Personality

    From Redditor u/anotherpoetess:

    I think whoever Bellatrix was pre-Azkaban was magnified while she had time to think in Azkaban. We know from Sirius' description of his time there that there is nothing else to do but think while you slowly die. Sirius was able to survive because he was able to change into a dog. For Bellatrix, the fact that she believed Voldemort was going to come back helped her stay alive. She focused solely on avenging Voldemort, on finding him, on helping him come back to power, so much so that when she did escape that's all she could do. Like Sirius having to learn how to be a human again, to shake the dog-like tendencies, Bellatrix embraced the obsessive thinking of wanting to get back at Harry for what he did to Voldemort.

    Where the torturing is concerned, I believe there was a purpose to what she did before (in her mind). Even in the "after," Bellatrix tortured Hermione to Griphook because she thought that they did something with a Horcrux she was entrusted by Voldemort with. She feared him finding out and him losing his faith and trust in her. In her mind, the torture isn't so much something she enjoyed but something that is necessary for her to protect her "master."

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    She Attended Hogwarts With Molly And Arthur

    From Redditor u/InquisitorCOC:

    Bellatrix was supposed to be born in 1951, so she would have graduated by the time Marauders entered school. But her Hogwarts time certainly overlapped with Arthur and Molly.

    Her behavior could be a combination of that of Hermione and Ginny: excellent grades, insufferable know-it-all, champion of an ideology, aggressive, and popular.

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    Bellatrix Was The Oldest Of The Black Sisters

    From Redditor u/flooperdooper4:

    My inner Ravenclaw feels the need to point out the birth order of the Black sisters: Bellatrix was the eldest, Andromeda was the middle sibling, and Narcissa was the youngest. We know for sure Bellatrix was older because there was the question at the start of Half-Blood Prince whether ownership of Grimmauld Place had passed to Sirius's oldest living Black relative, Bellatrix Lestrange. 

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    Bellatrix Killed Tonks During The Battle For Hogwarts

    From a former Redditor:

    Not being mentioned in the books, but Rowling later confirmed this: Tonks was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange and Remus was killed by Antonin Dolohov.

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    Bellatrix Embraced Her Abuse

    From Redditor u/Evil_Black_Swan:

    The Black sisters were abused by their parents, their father more specifically. And due to that we see three different outcomes.

    Bellatrix... embraced it and everything she had been raised to believe and took pleasure in the suffering of those she deemed beneath her. She loathed her younger sister and wished for the day that she could kill her. Clearly, abuse and cruelty were what make the world work. She made the respectable pureblood marriage she was supposed to, though it was loveless. She devoted everything she had to her master, just as her father had taught her. Her stint in Azkaban sure didn't help, but she was already mad.

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    Bellatrix Shows Telltale Signs Of A Spoiled Child

    From Redditor u/lambda_orionis:

    It's obvious that they were spoiled. As someone who was spoiled herself, the Black sisters show all the signs of having been spoiled, especially Bellatrix (who had the most appearances in the books). She has a childlike impatient and impertinent quality to her which is common in spoiled people because they are used to getting their way. They can be spiteful and possessive like Bellatrix and think the world revolves around them and the people they like, because that's what they have been taught since childhood, and it makes them inconsiderate of other people. Bellatrix and Narcissa are the same. They constantly blame others for the things they do, instead of taking responsibility, because as children they're rarely punished. Bellatrix does that to Lucius in Spinner's End. They tend to be very arrogant and disdainful because they are raised constantly being told how special they are, like the Black Sisters were raised being told that they were superior because of their blood status. They seem to be deficient in empathy, which applies to both Narcissa and Bellatrix. People spoiled as children also tend to be self-serving, always want things to go their way, and are very entitled, and Bellatrix and Narcissa display this readily in Malfoy Manor and also in Madam Malkin's.

    And Bellatrix literally sits on chairs like they're thrones, on her own trial. She thinks she owns the world.

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