Kim K Got Another Off-The-Wall Body Enhancement, But You Probably Won't Want This One

Ever the trendsetter, Kim Kardashian is shining a light on a plastic surgery that has been gaining in popularity, probably in no small part to her own embrace of the procedure: belly button reshaping. The most famous Kardashian sister took to Snapchat to tell her adoring fans all about her choice to have her belly button toned and tightened with laser treatments after having her son Saint, making people wonder, can you get plastic surgery on your belly button?

The answer, in short, is yes (although Kardashian opted for lasers rather than surgery). Belly button plastic surgery is known as umbilicoplasty, and it involves reshaping or recreating the belly button to make it look toned, tight, or differently shaped (depending on your personal preference). The cosmetic procedure has been around for a while, but The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported a 12 percent increase in prospective patient inquiries between 2017 and 2018.

The reason women and men alike opt into belly button surgery are vast and varied. Often, mothers want to tweak their stomachs after giving birth to restore their belly to its youthful appearance. Some people develop hernias that push their “innie” to an “outie,” and surgery offers a way to reverse that effect. Others are just unhappy with the natural look and placement of their belly button and want to gain the confidence to rock a bikini without worry. 

Read on to discover everything you (n)ever wanted to know about belly button surgery.

  • Kim Kardashian Had Belly Button Rejuvenation Surgery Post-Baby


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    While Kim Kardashian denies that she's had plastic surgery on her butt or boobs (her two most famous assets), she has copped to one weird treatment: belly button rejuvenation.

    After having her son Saint, Kardashian decided to have her belly button tightened and toned via laser treatment saying, “Anyone that’s had babies understands what it does to your belly button afterwards and how much your belly button changes.” She apparently wanted it to look "more normal" and hoped to restore her stomach to its pre-baby youthfulness.

  • Other Moms Are Having This Surgery


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    Kim K's procedure isn't as crazy as it sounds. Many mothers are deciding to have laser treatments or surgery (known as umbilicoplasty) on their belly buttons after losing the baby weight. Because of the dramatic transformations the body goes through during pregnancy, most women's bodies don't "bounce back" completely into their former shape. For instance, after weight gain, belly buttons can become misshapen or be covered by sagging skin. Umbilicoplasty and its less-invasive sister procedure, lasering, can help fix this. 

  • During Pregnancy, Skin And Muscles Stretch To Accommodate A Growing Uterus


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    It's so secret that pregnant women and new mothers have a few stomach concerns. During pregnancy, the skin and muscles in your stomach area stretch and expand to accommodate a growing uterus. Common issues include stretch marks (which can be remedied with lotions and creams) and weight gain (which hovers between 25 - 35 pounds on average).

    “The skin and architecture of the belly button can become quite distorted as the tissues of the abdomen, including the skin and muscle layers, become stretched during pregnancy to accommodate the growing uterus,”

    says Dr. Sean Simon, a Miami-based surgeon. It turns out that many women worry about their belly buttons bouncing back, and opt to have laser treatment or surgery on the area after pregnancy.

  • The Laser Procedure Doesn't Guarantee Results

    Don't expect to have your belly buttoned lasered and walk out of the doctor's office with a new, tighter stomach. Those who, like Kim Kardashian, schedule a laser procedure to resurfaced the belly button skin and tighten the skin tissue may feel let down afterwards. Las Vegas plastic surgeon Mike Edwards warns, "Performed properly there is a mild chance of an improved result, but I do not feel this is something that will provide great benefit to the average patient.” 

  • Doctors Don't Even Recommend It


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    An easy laser treatment to tighten and tone your belly button may seem too good to be true - that's because it probably is. Dr. Mike Edwards says that he would not recommend laser treatment for clients concerned about their belly buttons, saying lasers are "more often used for skin rejuvenation but would not do anything to loose or distorted skin of a post-pregnancy abdomen and belly button." He is not against surgery, however, and recommends that women looking for a better belly button consult with a plastic surgeon to see real results. 

  • Laser Rejuvenation Can Do More Harm Than Good

    When it comes to laser rejuvenation, the risks may not be worth the reward. Kim Kardashian seemed happy with her treatment, but more often than not, laser treatments can cause hyperpigmentation on the skin and leave behind dark marks and scars instead of smooth, toned skin. Dr. Sean Simon explains, "Any laser resurfacing procedure has the potential to cause hyper or hypopigmentation. Therefore the operator needs to be knowledgeable and skilled in these procedure in order to avoid these issues."