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Ben Affleck's Loves & Hookups

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Who is Ben Affleck dating? Who Ben Affleck dated; list of Ben Affleck loves, ex girlfriends; breakup rumors. The loves, exes and relationships of Ben Affleck, listed by most recent. I still wonder how he made the leap from Jennifer Lopez to getting married to Jennifer Garner (read: how did that schmuck get so lucky?). Speaking of lucky, with the questionable dalliances Affleck had before Garner, how is it that the Oscar winner has not yet appeared in a celebrity "tape?" For real, he was linking up with a lap dancer; how did she not have the foresight to get some celeb tape blackmail material? Maybe she did. For now, however, the list of celebrity tapes is Affleck free. For now...

Enjoy this list of Ben Affleck's exes, loves and flings!

  • Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas were first linked in early 2020 after meeting while filming Deep Water. The pair were often spotted together in Los Angeles during quarantine, and took multiple romantic vacations together, including to Cuba and Costa Rica. 

    However, they reportedly wanted different things, leading to their split in January 2021. 

    "Ben is no longer dating Ana. She broke it off. Their relationship was complicated. Ana doesn't want to be Los Angeles based and Ben obviously has to since his kids live in Los Angeles," a source told People. Another source added, "This is something that was mutual and something that is completely amicable. They are in different points in their lives; there is deep love and respect there. Ben continues to want to work on himself. He has three jobs lined up and he's a solid father at home. They are both happy with where they are in their lives."

    Ana Celia de Armas Caso (born 30 April 1988) is a Cuban-Spanish actress. She made her acting debut in 2006 in the Spanish film Una rosa de Francia. She also starred in the Spanish television show El Internado. In 2015 she starred in her first American film Knock Knock followed by Exposed, Hands of Stone, and War Dogs. In 2017 de Armas had her breakout role as Joi, an AI hologram, in the critically acclaimed science fiction film Blade Runner 2049. ...  more

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    • Katie Cherry

      Ben Affleck reportedly met musician Katie Cherry on celebrity dating app Raya. They were spotted together at the West Hollywood Halloween party on October 26, 2019. 

      • Photo: US Department of Education / Wikimedia Commons

        Ben Affleck started dating his Daredevil co-star Jennifer Garner in 2004. The couple got married in 2005 and they now have three kids. They divorced in June 2015. 

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        • Photo: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

          Ben Affleck was rumored to have dated Enza Sambataro in 2004.

          Enza Sambataro was the spouse of Kevin Youkilis....  more