Ben Wyatt Is A Better Husband Than Jim Halpert And We Can Prove It

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It's easy to say that The Office and Parks and Recreation were two of the best comedies of the 2000s. Both shows had terrific ensembles, sharp-witted comedy that revitalized the work-place comedy, and some dreamy leading men. Picking why you prefer one show probably comes down to personal preference – as well as your tolerance for subpar seasons. Plenty of fans swear Parks and Recreation is better than The Office, while others will live and die for Dunder Mifflin.

But which show has the better love interest? That's where things get more complicated. After all, pitting Parks and Rec's Ben Wyatt against Jim Halpert of The Office is kind of like comparing LeBron to Jordan. But upon closer inspection, you'll start to see how much of a catch man-of-many-jobs Ben Wyatt really was. And maybe, just maybe, Jim wasn't so perfect after all.

Does that mean Jim Halpert is a bad husband? Not necessarily. Does Leslie Knope have a better husband than Pam Beesly? Most definitely, though you're welcome to debate Ben Wyatt vs. Jim Halpert forever.