READ TMI Facts About Benedict Cumberbatch's Sex Life  

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Ever since appearing on the small screen in the BBC’s modern adaptation of Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch has been a sex symbol for nerds everywhere .Since then, he’s appeared in just about every major franchise thanks to his newfound star power. But behind the actor, there are millions of fans who want to know Benedict Cumberbatch sex life secrets. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. On this list, you'll find stories of Cumberbatch’s primary school trysts and his thoughts about getting naked on camera. These TMI facts about Benedict Cumberbatch’s sex life are going to blow your mind.

Much to the chagrin of his female fans, Benedict Cumberbatch married a theater performer in 2015, and it definitely led to some Internet weirdness. It seems like any Benedict Cumberbatch dating news can set the web on fire, so word of his surprise marriage was enough to make some fans' heads explode. But he wasn't always a devoted husband. There are all manner of quirky stories on this list about the sexual proclivities of Benedict Cumberbatch, and even some about his thoughts on being a sex symbol. It’s about to get steamy in here, hope you can handle it.

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He Had His First Kiss at Age 11

Not only did he have his first kiss fairly early, but it was also an advanced level make out sesh. To hear him tell it, the kiss was underwater, which is admittedly very cool for 11 years old. 

He Experimented with His Sexuality in School

Although he brushes off the experimentation, it does sound like the kind of thing that you'd see in fan fiction. "It was just boys and their penises, the same way with girls and vaginas and boobs. It wasn’t out of desire."

He Really Wishes His Star Trek Nude Scene Hadn't Been Cut


While appearing on Conan, Cumberbatch opined about all the chicken he had to eat and the working out he had to do to get in shape for his shower scene in Star Trek: Into Darkness. It seems like the actor was kind of bummed that all that work was for nothing.

The BBC Didn't Think He Was Sexy Enough

According to Steven Moffat, creator of the runaway hit Sherlock, the BBC didn't believe that Benedict was enough of a heartthrob to play the world's most famous detective. Moffat said that the higher ups at the broadcasting company said, "You promised us a sexy Sherlock, not him." Ouch.