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21 Rare Photos of Benito Mussolini That You've Definitely Never Seen Before

Updated May 30, 2017 8k views21 items

Il Duce, otherwise known as Benito Mussolini, ruled Italy as an iron-fisted National Fascist Party Prime Minister from 1922-1943. In most of the images of Benito Mussolini that you typically see, Il Duce appears scowling and rotund, jovial only when he is lifting fascist youth into the air or hanging out with his Axis Power-wielding bro Adolf Hitler.

Certainly, you can't escape a roundup of pictures of Mussolini without him rocking some of his favorite power stances or speaking to large crowds of fascist supporters in Rome, but there are some less-circulated photos of Il Duce doing things that regular, non-dictatorial people might do, like skiing with his son and riding his favorite motorcycle. For some photos of Mussolini like you've never seen him before, you've come to the right place.

  • Riding Around Munich Germany With Adolf Hitler In 1941

    Photo: Leernage /Getty Images
    • Getting Cheered On By A Crowd In Turin

      Photo: Stefano Bianchetti / Getty Images
      • Skiing With His Son Romano In 1945

        Photo: Hulton Deutsch / Getty Images
        • Reading At His Desk In Rome, Italy, 1931

          Photo: CORBIS / Getty Images