Atrocious Things That Happened Because of Bernie Madoff

In the aftermath of the Bernie Madoff scandal, it wasn't just a few rich people whose lives were shattered. Madoff's Ponzi scheme, where he took money from one set of investors to pay back another set, pocketing a ton of dough along the way, reduced tens of thousands of retirees to ruin. It forced charities to close, made hospitals cut back on the care they could give, and wiped out people who'd never even heard of him.

Since Madoff was arrested in 2008, a number of people have died waiting for restitution. Others killed themselves, including a British war hero, as well as one of Madoff's sons. Many of the charities that were hardest hit never reopened, or did so giving much less money. And nobody will ever know how many patients died due to hospital care or bone marrow transplants they never received thanks to Madoff money disappearing.

Here are some of the worst things that happened because of the Madoff Ponzi scheme - and keep in mind that the total amount of money lost might never be known for sure.