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Historical Images Featuring Bernie Sanders And His Mittens Are The Funny Memes We Deserve

January 22, 2021 4.7k votes 396 voters 7.6k views27 items

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Bernie Sanders - and his mittens - are taking the meme universe by storm. Sanders' appearance at the 2021 presidential inauguration has become the stuff of legends, with the Vermont senator cozily bundled up as he watched the events take place in front of him. His likeness has been transferred into movie stills, album covers, advertisements, and numerous other types of print media - evoking chuckles at almost every turn.

Historical images have also been graced with cutouts of Sanders from the inauguration - complete with the now-iconic Bernie Sanders mittens. History buffs, art lovers, and Sanders enthusiasts have cut and pasted Bernie into all kinds of famous historical paintings and photographs. Heck, we even got in on the fun, too, and added a few of our own.

Check out these mashups of Bernie Sanders and historical images and vote up the ones we all really, really deserve.