This Company Produces Nearly Perfect Replicas Of Vintage Beauty Products

Whether you’re a connoisseur of vintage cosmetics or more of a modern makeup junkie, you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of Besame Cosmetics. The brand specializes in luxury vintage makeup products - all of which are nearly exact replicas of their decades-old counterparts, minus the potential health hazards.

Everything about Besame is inspired by days gone by, from the design, to the packaging, to the colors and fragrances. The company pays homage to the elegance and femininity of makeup from the past, and celebrates how makeup has been an empowering force for women for years. 

Scroll through to learn more about the brand and feast your eyes on this gorgeous Besame vintage makeup. Doesn’t a tiny part of you feel like you were born in the wrong beauty decade?

  • Besame Cosmetics Was Founded By A Makeup Historian

    Did you know that "cosmetic historian" is a career path? That's what Gabriela Hernandez did before she founded Besame Cosmetics. After receiving a fine art degree from Art Center College in California, Hernadez authored a book about makeup throughout history: Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup. Inspired by the romance and femininity of vintage cosmetics, Hernandez decided to launch a company to honor the rituals and traditions of old school beauty and thus, Besame Cosmetics was born..

  • They Create Replicas of Makeup From the '20s, '30s, '40s, and '50s

    The mission of Besame Cosmetics? To create exact replicas of cosmetics from the past to empower the women of today. Everything from the design, to the packaging, to the tools and formulas, are as close to the real thing as possible. The brand is most inspired by the decades between the 1920s to the 1950s, so expect to find bullet lipsticks, powder compacts, and more.

    Hernandez explains, "Our approach is not in finding the latest trend products or ingredients, but to look to the past for traditions and products that are still relevant to women's beauty today, as much as they were when they were first introduced. There are many hidden gems in the past that we have forgotten or overlooked. We like to think our ourselves as detectives, researching ideas of the past for seeds of inspiration for the future."

  • They Break Down Exactly How To Get A Full Face Look From Each Decade

    If you're interested in learning more about the exact makeup from each decade, look no further than Besame's blog. Their themed posts break down a typical night for a woman of the time, including where she'd go, what she'd do, and (of course) what makeup she would wear. They even give you a comprehensive shopping guide for each decade, so you can slip into character and recreate authentic flapper, screen siren, or pin-up makeup on your own. For example, if you lived in the 1920s, you'd likely use Besame's 1920 Besame Red Lipstick with 1915 Rose Delicate Rouge blush before heading out to a speakeasy!

  • Their Lipsticks Come With Directions On How Old Hollywood Actresses Applied Lipstick

    Besame's lipstick doesn't just look old school in the tube - each product comes with its own set of instructions on how Hollywood actresses from the '20s, '30s, and '40s applied the lipstick. Want some vintage tips? Try this, courtesy of Besame: 

    "Using the corner edge of a Besame lipstick as a liner, start at the outer corner of your upper lip. Follow along the line of your natural lip. Repeat this step on the opposite side. Take that same lipstick edge and connect the two sides with a center V. To shape your bottom lip, use the same edge of the lipstick starting from each corner lining downward toward the center. Now to fill in. Using the flat wide edge of the lipstick, use up and down strokes following the texture of your lips. By doing this, the lipstick is applied more evenly and lasts longer."

  • Besame Even Wants You To Smell Vintage

    One of Besame Cosmetics' signature recreations is their fragrance line. They've distilled the essence of every decade from 1910 to 1960 into a single fragrance - a process that took six years of meticulous research. As they say, the perfumes are intended to give the wearer an "olfactory picture of a decade of time." 

    So what do the 1920s smell like? Musky jasmine, much like what women of the time wore in speakeasies. And the scent of the 1950s can be summed up like this: "Billie Holiday, intoxicating gardenia, 1950s White, Floral, Powdery."

  • The Company Is A Go-To For Hollywood Movies

    It pays to be a cosmetic historian! Since Besame has an intimate knowledge of cosmetics from the past and as well as how women would apply them, the company often consults with set designers, costume designers, and makeup artists for Hollywood films and TV shows. Their expertise helps period pieces look true-to-life - at least from a makeup standpoint!