The Best Black Comedy Movies Of The 2000s

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Vote up your favorite African American comedy films that were released in the 2000s.

The 2000s were a golden age for comedies starring African American actors. This list ranks '00s Black comedy movies from best to worst, so your votes decide whether Ice Cube, Will Smith, or Eddie Murphy films are the finest that the decade had to offer. Murphy ruled previous decades, but in the 2000s, Black comedy movies presented him with plenty of competition.

What are some of the top '00s Black comedy movies? Barbershop has to be part of the conversation about African American films from the 2000s. Ice Cube stars as the film's protagonist, but Cedric the Entertainer steals every scene he's in as the veteran barber in residence, Eddie. Other funny Ice Cube movies like Next Friday and Are We There Yet? appear on this great '00s Black comedy film list as well.

Big Momma's House and Down to Earth starring Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock, respectively, are also funny Black comedies that were released in the 2000s. Pootie Tang was a box office flop when it was originally released in 2001, but has gone on to become a cult classic over the years.

How many '00s Black comedy films have held up as well as Pootie Tang? Let the world know by voting up the best '00s Black comedy movies and voting down the comedies that just aren't worth revisiting. If you've seen all of them, then help out your fellow movie lovers by reranking and creating your own 2000s Black comedy movies list!

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