The Best 2000s Christmas Movies

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The best 2000’s Christmas movies are full of family fun, Yuletide romance, black comedy, and a dash of holiday horror. The '00s paved the way for hilarious Christmas feature films, as well as a few adorably cheesy Christmas rom-coms. 

As far as Christmas rom-coms, this list features several beloved films, including Love Actually (starring Hugh Grant) and The Family Stone. Billy Bob Thornton shows us the other side of Christmas in the raunchy comedy Bad Santa, also featured on this list of the top 2000s Christmas movies. Billy Bob also stars in another Christmas black comedy. Co-written by Pulitzer-winning novelist Richard Russo and directed by the late Harold Ramis, The Ice Harvest is one of the funniest and best 2000s Christmas films.

Also on this list you’ll find Reindeer Games, legendary director Jonathan Frankenheimer’s last theatrically-released movie. Vote up the best '00s Christmas movies below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 

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