The Best Cop Movies From The 2000s

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Stock up on donuts and go on a stakeout with our list of ‘00s cop movies. The best cop movies from the 2000s cover a lot of narrative ground, from tales of political corruption to backwoods murders to serial killer hunts and everything in between. These '00s cop films even include some buddy action-comedies from as far apart as Miami and the English countryside.

So what are the greatest ‘00s police movies? Legendary director Martin Scorsese has an entry on this list with his Oscar-winning undercover epic The Departed. The Clint Eastwood-directed Mystic River made the cut as well. It’s impossible to talk about the top ‘00s cop movies without mentioning all of the cop comedies of the decade. The 2000s included Super Troopers, Rush Hour 2, and Hot Fuzz, all keeping the tradition of the buddy cop film alive alongside Bad Boys II.

Vote up your favorite cop movies from the aughts and downvote the films that should turn in their badges and guns. Your votes determine the order of this 2000s police movie list, so deciding the top cop flick is up to you. If we missed any '00s police films, go ahead and add them. And if you're an expert, rerank the whole list!

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