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The Best Sci-Fi Movies, 2000-2009

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The 2000s brought us many out of this world ‘00s sci-fi movies of all shapes and sizes; sequels, prequels, superheroes, romance, action/adventure, comedy, horror, and everything in between. The ‘00s was a great decade for the best science fiction movies, and this list will guide you through each unique cult classic, top-grossing box office hit, and television spin-off.

There were many highly-anticipated prequels and sequels among '00s science fiction films: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Matrix Reloaded, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Jurassic Park III, and Men in Black II. Although many argue that the Star Wars prequels weren’t as great as the originals, George Lucas was able to play around with visual effects that were previously unavailable to him when IV, V, and VI were filmed.

There were also some cult classics, like Donnie Darko, Pitch Black, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. These flicks developed followings, and are still re-watched repeatedly by die-hard fans today. For Fox Mulder fans, X-Files: I Want to Believe was released as a sequel to the hit TV show in 2008. It picked up 7 years after the series left off, with Mulder still in hiding from the law, and Scully working as a hospital physician.

James Cameron’s Avatar stole the scene as the highest grossing film of all time, surpassing Titanic. It was the first film to ever make more than $2 billion, and went on to be nominated for nine Academy Awards. Avatar won Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, and Best Visual Effects in 2010.

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