The Best NBA Shooting Guards of the 2000s

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The top 2000s NBA shooting guards learned much from the previous generation of stars and improved upon their showmanship and overall scoring ability. However, the greatest NBA shooting guards from the 2000s were spectacular players in their own right. Ever heard of Kobe Bryant? Or Dwayne Wade? Maybe "The Answer" Allen Iverson? NBA shooting guards of the 2000s could do it all: score, assist, rebound, steal the ball and even block the occasional shot. The best shooting guards of the 2000s became worldwide stars and international phenomenons. The best NBA shooting guards from the 2000s won championships, league MVP awards and earned multiple All-Star Game selections. The greatest SGs of the 00s even set NBA records. Here's a list of the greatest NBA shooting guards of the 2000s. Certainly some of the best SGs in NBA history.
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