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The Best 2000s Vampire Movies

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List RulesVote up your favorite vampire films that were released in the '00s.

Are there still quality vampire movies in the 2000s? While some might say that the age of the classic bloodsucker is over, there are plenty of good '00s vampire movies to sink your teeth into. These '00s vampire movies breathe life into a time honored genre, with a wide variety of directors bringing their own unique style to the creatures we all know and love. If you don’t think these 2000s vampire films deserve a top spot on the list, vote them down, vote your favorites up, and rerank this list however you choose.

In this list, you'll find classic heroes like Van Helsing, brought to life by Hugh Jackman, and Blade, a sword-wielding, karate-kicking Wesley Snipes, mixed in with more modern titles like Daybreakers, starring Ethan Hawke and Sam Neil. You'll even find a dash of dark comedy with Shadow of the Vampire. Do you think Americans do vampires best? I Am Legend might make you think so, but foreign films like Thirst might make you reconsider everything.

This list of the top '00s vampire movies will make you want to invite someone into your lair, feast on popcorn, and debate the best 00s vampire movies all night long. Be sure to check out the best '80s vampire movies, too - just make sure you let the right one in.
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