The Best Movies with Only One Word for a Title

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One word titles only. "2," "III," and other types of numerals count as a word. Do not add District 9 or Rocky II to this list.

A list of the best 1 word title movies, ranked by film lovers and fans of economy of words. All the films listed here have a short title, made up of just one word. These one word titled movies cross genres and eras and star many of Hollywood's most famous faces. From sci-fi classics like Alien and Gattaca, to comedies like Airplane! and Ghostbusters, movies with one word names come in all shapes and styles.

The next time you are browsing Netflix, consider some of these short titled movies, and if you come across one that is not included here, add it for others to vote on. I purposefully have not included Crash on this list at the time of publishing, but you may add it if you feel passionately about that particularly bad Best Picture winner.

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